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Successful handling of stress - The Aikido principle

When you are in a leadership position, is there a way to stay mentally relaxed, even in times of high stress, in order to prevent burnout?

In fact, stressors are near impossible to avoid in our complex everyday work scenarios. Stressors are not something that can just be switched off. There is, however, potential for change in the way how we deal with these stressors. Is it possible to stay relaxed, despite existing stress, and thereby dispossess stressors of their energy instead of allowing oneself to be flooded by stress?
Quite often, the vicious circle of stress only really starts its spin at the mental follow-up process, i.e. the negative assessment. This is where a strength-consuming thought loop is set in motion, often consisting of a mixture of extreme and negative emotions, self-reproaches and accusations, a loop that continuously fuels itself. This is how stress is fed to the maximum.
Using mental techniques, similar to those practised in martial arts, stress can be confronted effectively and efficiently. As a prerequisite, first of all a person needs to identify and accept their own stressors. In the next step, it is important to describe the side effects, the negative and strength-consuming assessments. The final step is about learning how to make use, in a targeted way, of one's own most effective and efficient relaxation techniques, for a different approach to stress. Aikido practitioners are able to redirect negative energies (i.e. stressors) with minimal effort. Instead of wearing themselves out fighting against stressors, they use them for fuelling their own energy. Aikido practitioners have learned to take a different view on stressors. In everyday leadership, this principle can be an effective and efficient way for dealing with stress successfully.
In our business and personal coachings we give advice how to develop and apply this skill.

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