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Shape dialogue - progress with dialogue

Dialogue-driven communication is helpful in any situation where people are cooperating towards a common goal, and this applies in particular for cases where complex challenges need to be met under tight deadlines and cost pressure. Thus, especially there, where there doesn't seem to be any time at all for lengthy conversations. However, dialogue-driven communication ...

... deepens mutual understanding amongst parties. It generates trust and improves cooperation. When dialogues have taken place, in fact lasting and effective levers for action and measures can be identified and implemented in a better and faster way.

We call it a dialogic exchange, when a conversation between two or more people is based on appreciative listening and authentic and at the same time careful expressing one's own ideas and experience. In contrast to the frequently applied habit of "banging out" one's own opinion and the almost automatically occurring verbal retaliation when under pressure in complex situations, in dialogic exchange, people take the the time and space needed for mutual empathic listening.

As a rule, education and training systems focus on providing purely rational communication techniques. You learn how to convince others with factual arguments. Dialogic exchange as a tool for a discussion style that is targeted and/or based on understanding is a topic that is rarely taught. External expertise can impart the techniques of dialogic exchange and make them applicable for collaboration. We support and give advice along the way of dialogue-driven events - conceptually, in directorial design and as facilitators.

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