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World Café facilitation for IHK Bonn/ Rhine-Sieg on the 2016 Global Media Forum in Bonn

"Migration and push factors – can the private sector make a difference in development?" was the vividly debated topic in the session organised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Bonn/Rhine-Sieg.

Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa (p4d) facilitated the World Café discussion.

The objectives were

  • to elaborate the impact resulting from the collaboration between the public development aid sector and the private sector, namely in regard to companies which are not predominantly having their business within this field as well as
  • to reveal whether this collaboration is more effective and efficient to achieve the development goals or turns out to be harmful in different ways.

The World Café is a proven workshop technique for groups of 12-2000 people. It bases on the assumption, that there is collective knowledge that can be effectively used for the solution of questions and challenges.

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