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  • The best of all possible solutions – that's our daily endeavour.

  • Let's talk about team building.

  • ‘Hooray’ to action research.

  • We are there for you when there's a fire, but we’d prefer coming earlier.

  • We call it ritual design.

  • Social anthropologists that we are, we never lose track of the big picture.

  • Let's talk about change.

  • We work our way into issues, deeper and deeper, until we see light.

p4d is much more than a management consultancy.

We assist organisations and businesses through change processes, in supporting team development, in defining strategies and visions, in working out leadership behaviour and leadership models. We do all this with great empathy and a particular expertise in international and multinational teams.

This is how we assist in overcoming barriers, have perspectives changed and opportunities seized.

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New p4d publication

‘Consulting and process facilitation in trans-organisational cooperation and with multi-stakeholder initiatives’ by Brigitte Schwinge and Claus Pakleppa.
The article was published in: “Shaping Organisations Intelligently - The Handbook for Organisational Development and Change Management” (Organisationen klug gestalten - Das Handbuch für Organisationsentwicklung und Change Management) Publishers: Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart.


We lead the ‘WE’

The secret of the group, the spirit of the team, at p4d, we design processes that trigger change to improve any team performance.


Where's the advantage in making organisational culture visible?

Consciously shaping the structure as well as the culture of a company or an organization, that's the most efficient agent of change. Because this culture determines ...


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