We lead the WE We lead the ‘WE’

Facilitation of team processes and events

Our facilitation and support can be summed up as giving a voice to different opinions and interests, and having dialogue grow. We structure content and make it manageable. Thus, we render similarities visible and we make use of the group's intelligence to achieve the set goals. We start with a detailed stage plan, we offer full service for your event concept and we develop follow-ups for securing your project result. Back

Workshops to improve team performance

Common Ground is an efficient instrument for a significant improvement of team building and performance. In the Common Ground workshop, we coach teams and departments towards a joint use of their full potential and the desire and ability to jointly perform at their best. Back

Consulting and support during change projects, strategy and vision development

We deliver support for change projects and projects for strategy and vision development in a conceptual, advising and process facilitating manner. With our neutral view from the outside, we support our customers, even in complex undertakings, to keep the goal in mind, to bring the right people together at the right time, and to anchor this culture change, that is brought about by change, strategy and vision projects, in the workforce. Back

Large group events

We are experts at planning, design and facilitation of large group events that put you and your company at the forefront and engage the participants in exchange. Using excellent facilitation and modern, interactive dialogue methods, we ensure maximum sharing and network development among the participants. As an option, we offer full-service organisation. Back

Multi-stakeholder processes

Getting everyone on the same boat, creating synergies, hearing unisons of interest, pointing out common goals and means, that is our p4d challenge in multi stakeholder processes. Back

Learning journeys

Let go of your habitual environment and entrenched patterns of thought during our custom-designed expeditions to inspiring places, companies and organisations. You will gain the energy for exchange, insight, inspiration and innovation. Learning journeys are expeditions into the future and they anticipate change. Proven, popular, best practice. Back

Project management in change processes

We also operate as an extended ‘workbench’ and implement projects for you in everyday life. We provide our experience in project management in order to sustainably implement planned items. Back

We RESEARCH We RESEARCH and have research done

Qualitative impact analysis and action research

In a qualitative impact analysis, we carry out semi-structured in-depth interviews or group discussions with employees, executives and other stakeholders, and doing so, we also work with participatory observation. Advantage: we look back on and reappraise conscious and unconscious cause-effect relationships for you in a descriptive manner. Because understanding is the first step towards change. Back

Action research

Action research goes one step further. We train employees, executives and stakeholders in developing their own questions for learning, in conducting interviews themselves and at actively engaging in research for the purpose of change. We are there to support the analysis process. Advantage: Your employees become active participants in the desired change. Back

We lead the I We lead the ‘I’

Leadership Training

We turn classic management into modern leadership. We provide tools and strategies to help you optimize your leadership practice so that your employees will pull together with you. Back

Systemic Leadership Coaching

We provide solution driven support at dealing with leadership challenges. Individual coaching improves professional competence, uncovers existing resources and gives guidance in acting responsibly. Back

Forum Leadership. Shaping Networking.

In cooperation with podium 49, this event format is aimed at entrepreneurs, executives and managers of the region, providing the opportunity to gain new experiences, insight and innovative ideas through joint exchange. Topics cover the entire world of business and they are always supported by up-to-date best practice examples. Back

Leadership Retreat Rhineland

The three-day leadership workshop allows entrepreneurs and executives from the Rhineland area to have solution driven exchanges of experience on leadership opportunities and leadership challenges.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Time for reflection: Pause button giving you time to examine your own professional situation and clarify your own current challenges and objectives.
  • Time for exchange: Dealing with changes in the world and the competitive environment & developing support networks in the region/professional group.
  • Time for innovation: Development of a personal image of the future: Clarification of the question: How do I ensure with my team that my targets are being met?


Impulse and exchange forum in effectively designing group and team processes

The format is aimed at experienced consultants and it is designed to enable an efficient facilitation of group and team processes by an exchange of best practice experiences. The combination of four two-day modules results in a comprehensive workshop.


  • Examination of effective tools for and approaches to architecture, facilitation and process design of group and team processes in companies and organisations.
  • Exchange on conscious and constructive handling of critical points in group dynamics when working with groups and teams in companies and organisations.
  • Critically reflecting one's own practice and stance when working with groups and teams, sharpening one's own instruments and checking and further refining them through exchange with other practitioners – working on Personal Mastery.
  • Linking with one's own work practice.



Working with international groups

Our offers on leadership, team building, organisation and research are also available for inter- and multinational contexts. Back

Workshop ‘Working and Living in an intercultural context’

The workshop is aimed at people who live in a host country or who work in culturally diverse teams. It provides participants with the tools for better mastering their own difficult situations related to interculturality in everyday and working life. Back

Intercultural preparation for working in South Africa

Preparation for a professional stay in South Africa through training, individual coaching and consulting, in advance, before departure, and on the ground, in South Africa. This also includes general information about culture and intercultural competence, imparting knowledge regarding South Africa, learning of behavioural standards in the cultures of South Africa and in South Africa's business world. Back

Leadership learning journey to South Africa

The breakthrough in professional development is often best achieved by gaining distance. In South Africa, we combine useful and pleasant aspects for you, and support you through an intense reflection on your professional challenges and opportunities. In an inspiring examination of the solutions that South African leaders and institutions have found for themselves, you are going to develop a constructive vision of your own future.

We have developed the Leadership Learning Journey to South Africa as an open format, in order to allow executives in career orientation phases to reflect on and to readjust their position, goals and aspirations in a setting separate from their normal working life. Find our flyer here. Back

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