Where there is more than one person, culture is decisive.

Consciously shaping the structure of a company, the culture of an organisation, that's the most efficient agent of change. Because this culture determines how people act or don't act, how they communicate or don't, how they think or don't think.

This culture is always complex and it has an iceberg's disadvantage: 1/8 is visible, 7/8 are not. The invisible part is basically the subconscious of corporate culture. Using organisational culture analysis, we make the entire iceberg visible and shapeable. That's making a difference.

Developing visions. Accomplishing missions. Together rather than alone

As trained social anthropologists, at p4d, we are experts in culture. And whizzes and companions, when it comes to aligning groups and systems with a goal, achieving this goal together, pulling together and not losing sight of the right direction. It's what we call target-oriented awareness.

When we have completed our assignment, your team will define, head for and reach targets based on a common and conscious culture.

That is what you want to do, isn't it?

  • Strengthen and lead your team, your organisation, your unit
  • Design innovative projects and develop new ideas
  • Shape change processes effectively, right from the outset
  • Operate successfully, across and beyond departmental and system boundaries
  • Meet targets with the right strategy and everybody's full commitment
  • Build up and develop leadership skills

That is what you expect, isn't it?

  • Process facilitation, thinking ahead, along and further
  • A sparring partner for reflection and analysis
  • Clear support in order to get all stakeholders on board
  • A bridge-builder between seemingly irreconcilable opposites
  • Solutions for mandatory implementation at employee level
  • Events that bring real change– rituals to be implemented, initiations of learning processes and event management, all included

That is what you need, isn't it?

  • Leeway for an optimal development of ideas
  • A change of perspective, for turning barriers into opportunities
  • Full utilisation of your team's potential
  • Use of groups' and teams' intelligence for new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Development of measures that are specific and immediately implementable
  • Evaluation, securing results and follow-up processes

Thoughts are the beginning of action. Ideas the beginning of innovation

At p4d, we work with individuals, teams and organisations towards their development.

The manner of our work:

  • We explore working and organisational culture and generate awareness for it. It's what we call organisational anthropology.
  • In order to incorporate knowledge, we actively involve managers and employees in the exploration and analysis of organisational culture - with qualitative impact analyses and Action Research.
  • We make use of Theory U and approaches of Systemic Organisational Development Systemic Organisational Development as basis of our work
  • We use insight from Group Dynamics specifically for the design of common processes and team development as well as Discovering Experiential Learning as a method for self-awareness.
  • We facilitate dialogues as a basis for comprehension, understanding and change.
  • We set up events as participation formats in order to make real use of the potential of groups.

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